Democratising location data

Opening data for businesses to uncover new opportunities.





Datahood is an online location intelligence platform that helps businesses analyse territories without dedicated data analyst role.


Instantly generate reports about selected location or compare different cases based on your goal.

We help businesses understand their clients in space. From knowing how they move, to knowing where and what time they move. 


Your target audience might not be close to your business. We help you find them so you can make better marketing decisions.


Choosing a new location for your business is an essential step, we help you make the right decision so your business can strive. 


We help planners identify potential of territories to bring the most value for the sustainable development of cities.  


About us

Datahood is a startup founded by urban scientists that are passionate about life in cities with a goal to make it more sustainable.


We are powered by Rockit Impact Accelerator in partnership with Swedbank and Katalista Ventures. We are actively working with telecommunication company Telia to explore the potential of data analysis to make a positive impact in urban development.


Matas Olendra

COO and co-founder with 5 years of experience in urban innovation and built environment.

Saulė Petraitytė

CEO and co-founder with 5 years of experience in urban sciences and data analytics.

Andre Resende

CTO with 5 years of experience in data science and product development.

Our team

Our mission

Our mission is to make cities fair for everyone. By helping businesses grow we hope to make a positive impact to people that live in urban environments and our planet at large.

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