Get precise data and insights for any location. 

Location intelligence platform for better business decisions, higher returns and more sustainable cities.

Find a location with maximum target audience and the biggest potential for your type of business.


Analyse territories without a dedicated data analyst role.

Data library


We collect, clean, standardise and enrich all available territorial data in one place, so you can save time and money.

Data analysis


We do spatial analysis and predictions in selected locations to identify competitors, audience, traffic and many other aspects. 

Data insights


We provide the information about each location in easy to read maps and understandable, beautiful charts so you can easily compare and make the right decision for your business. 


We constantly analyse data points from multiple sources to give you the best insights.


We save your time and money on collecting and processing data.

We ensure the legitimacy and richness of data, which requires lots of resources internally.








points of interest


real estate listings


urban planning



expensive data scientists

time consuming


outdated data collection methods

data scattered all over the internet

poor data

From gut-feeling to data-driven

location decisions. 


We help you make decisions with an ease of mind for a fraction of what you would have to pay traditionally. 

Instantly generate reports about selected locations or compare different cases based on your goal.


Site selection
Despite the digitisation, 82% of retail revenue comes from physical locations. We help our customers to analyse different locations based on multiple factors and identify the best one for the particular type of business. 


More accurate location data gives valuable insights for business growth


Revenue growth

Companies that use location intelligence, increase their revenue by 33%. We empower businesses to make decisions at the local level and access undiscovered revenue streams.


Increase efficiency

Our tool works fully online - you don’t need to spend time and money installing hard to use GIS software or hire an analyst who would have to collect and make sense of data. 

Save money


Reduce costs of hiring data analysts and manual data collection - we crunch all the data for you instantly and give easy to understand insights so you can make actions immediately. 

The future is hyper-local.

Opening at the right place is not only profitable for businesses, it also helps local communities and the environment.

By opening up your business closer to your audience, dependency on private vehicles decrease and pollution levels drop. Moreover, citizens can reach quality services on foot, therefore are more healthy, get to meet their neighbours and get to know local vendors.